Tiago Mattos

Tiago Mattos is considered an important name among the new generation of Futurism thinkers. He is a futurist, entrepreneur, educator, author and teacher, currently in charge of the Futurism track of the Transdisciplinary Innovation Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In this project, participants can interact and learn from technology experts, including fourteen Nobel Prize winners.

Tiago has also helped to co-found several projects like innovation schools, learning consultancies, technology labs, software bureaus, big data centers, peer-to-peer learning platforms, positive impact accelerators and several others. 

On top of that, he’s the co-founder of Perestroika: the biggest school of creative activities in Latin America, which is highly respected by its own way to shape disruptive learning experiences.

Tiago currently leads Aeroli.to, a company that explores future scenarios through an original methodology and has already created experimental projects on virtual reality, internet of things, robotics and artificial intelligence.